Bleu: l'abandon
Yellow: L'oubli
Black: Le désespoir
Series of Publications,
collaboration with
Aya Elmahali,
Three booklets picturing a story and an architecture archive of our hometown Agadir. It is a study and a journey through the lifestyle of the old and the new generations and their living habits around the city. It also highlights three decades, before, during, and after the earthquake, as major events that had a significant impact on how the city and its people were structured. The booklets are provided with three distinct colors and names to make them easier to navigate and explore.
Publication & Series of Posters
Graduation Project & Research
Series of posters that go in hand with a bilingual Arabic and English book which emphasizes a study exploring the profound story of mapmaking & cartography, introducing Upside Down. the book is a paperback double-sided halves bound together with one part rotated 180° relative to the other (also known as the dos–à–dos binding), serving the script direction of each language, and emphasizing the Up-side Down notion. The second part of the project comes the posters, following the book's third chapter, featuring a set of three parodical map projections that have been grimly distorted to accentuate the subject
This project is a result of ongoing research and collaboration with Meryem Fekhari on how design can make culture accessible to everyone, especially those with disabilities or neurological conditions.The booklet concept is presented as a learning adventure where the reader is guided by a person with Colour Vision Deficiency.For that reason, I created a series of illustrations that visually communicates the journey they’ll be going through. While Meryem on the other side, worked on the editorial Arabic/English layout and the storytelling of the content.
Risograph print
The Harvest festival every year responds to a prompt around Decolonial Ecology and works to develop transformative ways of supporting the High Atlas region's natural and social cosmologies. They aim to encourage continued support towards the region's high atlas Label and the livelihoods of the cooperatives it works with through many events and programs around the city.